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GNSS Experts

Chronos Technology is recognised as a leading authority in GNSS and is a specialist supplier and installer of GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou) simulators, repeaters, receivers, antennas and infrastructure. Chronos is also a world leader in GNSS vulnerabilities, jamming and interference detection and location technology, and a supplier of underground GNSS coverage solutions. We work with industry leading suppliers and have formed long standing relationships with our customers; supplying a variety of sectors including Police, Royal Air Force, Ministry of Defence, Fire & Rescue, Manufacturing, Aerospace, UAV, Agriculture, Automotive, Marine and Telecoms.

GPS Installations Excellence

GPS installations are a highly specialised skill and Chronos’ experienced team of engineers has installed over 1500 GNSS systems in more than 50 countries over the past 30 years.

Our specialist team has considerable experience in conducting site inspections and installations, even in the most challenging of environments. Whether you require a single site or 200 sites worldwide, we have the skills and expertise to successfully implement and manage your project throughout to meet your requirements, timescale and budget.

GNSS simulators, repeaters, receivers, antennas and infrastructure

GNSS GPS repeaters for military, commercial and portable applications; expert installations

Chronos is an industry leader in GPS jamming detection and location products and solutions

GNSS Underground Coverage

Chronos offers GNSS underground coverage in tunnels, stations, carparks, bus stations and airports with Syntony’s SubWAVE™ solution enabling underground operators and their staff, emergency services and the general public the benefit of full GNSS coverage in all underground areas.

GNSS in Tunnels and Underground Stations, Carparks Bus Stations and Airports

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