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GPS Installation and Commissioning

Poor GNSS / GPS installations cause systemic performance degradation or malfunction, potentially leading to failure of nearby systems by the introduction of RF interference. Optimal, reliable and durable GNSS / GPS infrastructure requires installation by engineers with a high level of understanding of GNSS / GPS signal architectures, RF engineering and knowledge of official Standards associated with GNSS / GPS installation operations. Chronos’ experienced engineers install and commission GNSS / GPS systems to the highest standards ensuring optimal performance without affecting the local RF environment.  A full report describing the work undertaken is provided upon project completion, enabling customers to fully support their own system post-commissioning if required. Chronos’ report includes:
  • Technical calculations and RF measurements
  • System architecture diagrams
  • Full breakdown of components
  • Cable types, length and physical route
  • Photographs of final installation
  • Proof of regulatory compliance
When required Chronos can also provide on-site training specifically relating to the physical installation.