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Surge/Lightning Protectors

Electronic equipment, telephone and data-processing systems are vulnerable transient overvoltages induced by lightning strikes. Data transmission networks cover large areas and are exposed to more disturbances. Users of this equipment are faced with the problem of keeping it operational and interruptions to service are unacceptable. Chronos offers Citel’s full range of surge/lightning protection solutions for the protection of electrical equipment, antennas, fixed and mobile telephony and photovoltaic (solar) installations against transient over-voltages. Please contact our team of experts for advice on products and solutions to meet your requirements.

Telecom and Data Line Surge Protectors sub-assemblies can be easily used both by the installer and the home user. They are designed to protect PBXs (Private Branch Exchange) and all the information and electronic equipment either connected to the phone system or to the Local Area Network (LAN).

Photovoltaic grid-connected low voltage power lines may be subject to overvoltages on different networks: AC, DC or communication network. Depending on the type of networks, whether the presence of lightning rod or primary surge protectors already exist, Citel offers a complete range of solutions to protect the AC part of the PV system. Contact us for more information or advice.

The Citel range of coaxial surge protection protects coaxial feeds and antennas. With the wide range of mobile equipments available (GSM, PCN, UMTS, BLR…), coaxial protectors are more and more important and continue to evolve towards new technology such as Quarter Waves. Chronos supplies the full range of Citel coaxial surgeprotectors and carries stock of P8AX09-6G. Contact our team for further information or advice.

Citel’s AC Power Surge Protection devices are designed to meet the needs for any low voltage installation. These DIN rail mounted surge protectors are easy to install in any standardised distribution pane or control cabinets. They are equipped with a thermal disconnection device and provide real-time fault indicators thus allowing complete operational safety. These surge protectors are available with several protection circuits to comply with even the most demanding installations and standards compliance requirements. Contact us about Citel’s line of surge protectors for the single and three phase AC networks connected to sensitive equipment.