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GNSS | GPS Repeater Products

The Global Navigation Satellite System, (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou) are used widely throughout soceity today.  However, the signal strength of GNSS signals is very low and coverage inside buildings is extremely difficult to guarantee.  For most of us this does not present a particular problem but, in some instances, it can help save lives, significantly reduce costs, improve efficiencies and the environment. Chronos has been partnering with industry leading manufacturers of GNSS / GPS repeater products and solutions for over 30 years and has been installating GPS repeating systems for the same length of time.  We have worked with military both UK and overseas; fire and rescue services; car manufacturers; assembly lines; computer manufacturers and civilian airlines. If you would like to know how a GPS repeater could help you, please contact our team will be happy to assist.