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Automotive Applications

The automotive industry is dramatically changing driven by diverse mobility, autonomous driving, energy and connectivity. Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) are vehicles that can replace the driver for some or all of the driving tasks. Vehicles acting automatically on the brakes, the accelerator and/or the steering control under the constant supervision of the driver (‘SAE level 2’) are already available on the EU market.

Chronos and its partner Septentrio can provide  reliable and robust centimetre-level positioning for safe automotive localisation by using expertise in multi-frequency GPS/GNSS technology.

Speed up and Save Testing Costs

The increase of GNSS integration into products such as vehicles, laptops, etc has created many new indoor testing applications and requirements. Research & Development, product testing, product inspection and maintenance applications may have diverse requirements but all need to test GPS indoors. The installation of GNSS | GPS Repeaters significantly increases productivity and ROI by bringing the GPS / GNSS signal inside the facility enabling testing or calibration of GPS-enabled devices on a production line or end of line testing; laboratories; or infotainment and satnav systems on a vehicle assembly line.

Chronos has been supplying and installing GPS repeater solutions for both military and commercial applications for over 25 years. Contact our expert team who will be happy to help you.

High Speed Receivers

High-speed automotive applications such as motor racing demand high performance and high speed products. Chronos works with Septentrio a provider of GNSS Reference Receivers that are used in high performance industries like motor and bike racing. High update rates, fast acquisition and re-acquisition times are key in these applications and Chronos are able to solve customer problems and improve performance in these areas.

GPS Coverage in Tunnels

With GPS and GNSS available in road tunnels with Syntony’s groundbreaking SubWAVE™ solution, autonomous cars can perform precise and safe driving in what would normally be GPS deprived areas. A member of the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA), Syntony is constantly improving SubWAVE™ to meet the challenges of GNSS precision and accuracy in road tunnels, to enable safe and efficient autonomous driving.