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GNSS System Design and Planning

Proper implementation of GNSS systems requires a thorough design process to ensure optimal system performance, and detailed planning for an efficient installation phase.  Chronos has implemented thousands of GNSS systems across many sectors, including:

  • Military
  • Telecoms
  • Industry
  • Scientific
  • Manufacturing
  • Critical Infrastructure

Chronos designers architect systems that fit customers’ requirements perfectly and conform to relevant national and international Standards including Ofcom’s GNSS repeater licencing regime in the UK.  A Chronos designed system is safe, easily maintainable and interference free and delivers optimally conditioned GNSS RF signals to all receiving equipment.

Using best practices and detailed planning rules, our site specific recommendations are delivered in a professional report that documents all the key components and technical calculations along with supporting data, diagrams and photographs.

 Download the Chronos GNSS Services Datasheet>>