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Bringing GPS inside Hangars with a GPS Repeater


Case Study Overview

Our customer is a world leading manufacturer of jets and commercial aircraft and provides of a full range of repair services for aircraft from manufacturers including Airbus, Boeing and Embraer. Always keen to explore new ways to deliver world class support services, our customer has greatly improved efficiencies at its service centre with a GPS repeater solution.

Avoid Moving Aircraft Outside

GPS signals are inherently low strength and a GPS repeating system enables the signal to be rebroadcast inside a hangar or building.  Routine aircraft maintenance and test that requires GPS can now take place inside the hangar instead of having to move, sometimes several aircraft, in and outside.  This is a costly and time consuming exercise involving various personnel and a tow truck.  Additionally, the hangar doors can now remain closed achieving savings on heating or air conditioning and work can be scheduled far more effectively which results in reduced Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations. 

GNSS Installation Excellence

Chronos said “Our engineers carried out a detailed site survey which thoroughly investigates the area to receive GPS, including dimensions, access points, link budget calculation, obstructions and mains power requirements.  Chronos also provides an installation method statement and risk assessment analysis to illustrate to the customer what equipment would be used and where it would be installed. Chronos subsequently supplied and installed six GPS repeaters in line with Ofcom regulations; giving GPS coverage throughout the 4400SqM hangar; around the clock.”

Customer Operations/Maintenance Manager “We were very pleased with the professional approach shown by Chronos throughout the inspection and installation processes.”  We are here to deliver outstanding services solutions to help keep our customers’ aircraft fleet operating at maximum capacity.  The installation of the GPS repeater solution enables routine aircraft maintenance requiring GPS to take place inside the hangar; avoiding all associated costs and time when moving an aircraft, which in turn minimises aircraft downtime.” 

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