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Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture applications require cm-level accurate GNSS positioning in order to maximise yields, counter increased competition and deal with an expanding population requiring more food.  Precision agriculture means making the process of crop or livestock farming more accurate and controlled by using information technology and high-tech equipment such as sensors, GPS, control systems and robots. Chronos represents GNSS market leader Septentrio offering their RTK receivers, antennas and base stations which are integrated with Septentrio’s GNSS+ technology helping farmers to know the exact area of their land, eliminate waste by knowing exactly how much fertiliser to use, and minimise machine wear through precision guidance. 

Septentrio’s AsteRx receivers feature correction services support and unique LOCK+ technology which maintains tracking even during heavy machinery vibrations. Easy and effective integration and deployment of GNSS systems deliver a fast return on investment. 

Drones are increasingly being used in agriculture and Septentrio also supply compatible receivers and antennas suitable for UAV applications. With a mosaic or an AsteRx GNSS receiver and a camera mounted on a drone, you can get centimetre-level RTK precision on the ground even without ground control points.

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