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Chronos is a world leading specialist in resilient synchronisation & timing; GPS jamming detection; GPS Repeaters and GNSS installations and support

GNSS installation is a highly specialised skill and Chronos’ experienced team of engineers has installed over 1500 GNSS systems worldwide during the last 30 years

Chronos CTL3520 handheld GPS jamming detector assists Police detect driver using a GPS jammer to disable his company fleet tracking system to use the vehicle outside work hours


Chronos GPS repeater solutions for fire stations, production lines, test facilities, even vast aircraft hangars; installed and commissioned by our expert team

Equinix LD4 Datacentre had been suffering interference to the GPS L1 signal. Initial indications were that it had been happening regularly but intermittently for a number of months…
Chronos has installed 22 GPS repeater systems for South Yorkshire FRS ensuring full GPS coverage & enabling effective communication between the Control Room and appliances

Working with industry leading suppliers, Chronos designs and delivers bespoke GNSS over fibre systems for effective RF signal distribution in demanding and harsh environments.

Chronos working with partner SyntonyGNSS can deliver underground GNSS signals utilising the existing underground communication infrastructure

Chronos enables an international electronics manufacturer to test GPS capability on the assembly line with a GPS repeater solution improving efficiences and saving costs and time

GPS solution to assist an outside broadcast services company to film both the London Marathon and the Boat Race from motor cycles

Our specialist teams have considerable experience in installing GNSS GPS equipment gained over the last 30 years throughout the world

Chronos installs a GPS Repeater solution for an Aviation MRO ensuring greater efficiencies and saving time and manpower & energy costs