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GNSS Services

Chronos Technology is a UK based company specialising in positioning, navigation and timing.  Along with GNSS / GPS products, components and GPS repeaters, as experts in this field Chronos offers a variety of services including  consultancy, training, installation and support, including Ofcom compliant GPS repeater installations.   During the past 30 years, Chronos has installed and commissioned over 1500 GNSS systems in more than 50 countries across the world. Our team is here to help, please contact us if you would like further information.

We can provide a complete range of GPS/GNSS consulting services to help you with design through to support and training:

GPS Audit and Analysis Services

Extensive audits of existing systems and infrastructure for compliance to regulatory Standards, performance, functionality and advice regarding ongoing maintenance.

GPS Repeating Support

Data from services such as GPS as well as the other Global Navigation Satellite Systems are a critical part of operations in many organisations. That is why more and more organisations are investing in GPS repeating inside operational buildings. These include ambulances, fire appliances, civilian and military planes as well as other vehicle types that rely on mobile data and associated location services.  Chronos is behind many of these implementations and our technology offers the performance that our customers need. Because we understand the critical nature of this location data, we support our GPS repeating customers with a comprehensive service package.

GPS Systems Training

Customisable technical courses covering all aspects of GPS/GNSS.  Chronos offers a variety of material to suit all levels of personnel.

GPS Installation and Commissioning Services

High quality installation and commissioning to all relevant Standards delivering compliant, efficient and maintainable systems.

Ofcom Compliant GPS Repeater Installations

Following Ofcom’s authorisation of GPS/GNSS repeaters and subsequent licensing regime, Chronos can ensure your installation is designed to, and compliant with, the required EN 302 645 ETSI Standard and required practices.

System Design and Planning Services

Full design and planning services for new installations, or extensions to existing GNSS infrastructure.