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Underground GPS Coverage

GPS coverage has become fundamental to many services from emergency services to asset tracking. Yet when entering an underground area such as a metro/subway, tunnel, car park, airport, bus station, the GPS signal is lost.  Chronos partner Syntony’s SubWAVE solution enables the localisation of any equipment with a standard GPS chipset (isolated staff, assets, security & emergency services) by expanding the GPS coverage to underground areas.

By emitting a perfect emulation of the “real” GPS, SubWAVE can benefit subway operators, their staff, emergency services and the general public in all underground areas with full GPS coverage.  Whether for operational reasons (locate trains, identify faults) or for safety reasons (locate underground agents, locate emergency call location, guide rescuers, etc) or event. One fundamental aspect is the user only needs a standard smartphone. No new handsets, receivers or apps. The system operates by broadcasting synthetic location specific GPS signals through leaky feeder cables in the tunnels. Accuracy levels vary with leaky feeder and system complexity options, however, 2 metre accuracy is possible with a standard smartphone.

Product information is available via this link, or please feel free to contact our team who will be happy to discuss the solutions in more detail.