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Bespoke RF over Fibre Solutions

Secure RF Signal Distribution in Demanding and Harsh Environments

Working with industry leading suppliers, Chronos can design and deliver bespoke GNSS over fibre systems for effective RF signal distribution in demanding and harsh environments.

Providing higher noise immunity and therefore less interference than copper solutions, RF over fibre is an ideal secure solution for government and defence buildings (including ultra-secure ‘Dark’ areas within buildings, anechoic chambers etc) or in DAS applications, and hosting centres.

GPS inside Anechoic Chambers

A UK Defence company required RF signal distribution over multiple floors, into many shielded rooms to enable in excess of 100 individual points of GNSS.  Chronos designed and installed a resilient duplicated GNSS over fibre distribution system which can be split across multiple floors/locations with minimum attenuation and signal degradation providing the Defence company with RF signal distribution over a secure network.

GPS over Multiple Floors

A multi-national Defence supplier needed to test product functionality with a live GPS signal inside their 7000 M2 engineering, R&D and production facility.  Chronos scoped, designed and installed a GNSS, 10MHz distribution system over several floors bringing GPS inside their facility.

Hosting Centre

A financial trading platform renting dedicated cages within a hosting centre required an accurate, resilient GPS signal to transfer data between the UK and Europe.  Chronos designed and installed a solution to provide resilient triplicated GPS inside their cages.  RF over fibre was an ideal solution for the GPS connection as the location of the cages was not near the roof of the building. In addition, triple diversified GNSS antennas enable a redundant GNSS distribution system. This ensures back up for example, if one antenna was struck by lightning.

RF over fibre is also ideal for multiple base stations and in instances where there is limited roof space for GPS antennas as the solution allows the possibility of using one antenna with the signal converted to light and then optically split to multiple locations.

Chronos can scope, design, install and test the solution prior to go live and can also provide various levels of ongoing support. Our experts, who have been designing and installing GNSS solutions for over 30 years, are here to help you.

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