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GPS Repeater Installations

Following Ofcom’s authorisation of GNSS / GPS repeaters and subsequent licencing regime, the Chronos team ensures that GPS repeater installations are designed to and compliant with the required EN 302 645 ETSI standard and required practices.  Ofcom Statement.

Chronos is perhaps the UK’s largest specialist installer of GPS / GNSS systems, having installed over 2000 worldwide for military and civilian applications.  Our customers include the OSNET, large numbers of mobile and fixed telecommunication operators, military and commercial aircraft hangars, fire & rescue services, manufacturing and car assembly lines, from which our team has gained a unique level of experience and knowledge. Our installation services can apply to both authorised GPS repeating systems and to GPS antenna systems to provide GPS RF to equipment within buildings, including the use of GPS RF over fibre when required.

No matter how large or small the project, from fire stations and production lines to vast aircraft hangar complexes, Chronos can bring its design, installation and commissioning expertise to your building to ensure you get a strong and stable satellite signal just where it is needed.  Testing, calibration and maintenance work can now be carried out without leaving the building and all within current Ofcom guidelines, anywhere in the world.

Download Chronos Ofcom Compliant GPS Repeating Installations datasheet