Dates: Between 8 and 12 April 2013

Times:  Between 1000 to 1200 GMT and 1400 to 1600 GMT daily

Location of jammer: The jamming aircraft will fly a ground track based on the Benbecula (BEN) VOR 275° radial.  The aircraft track will extend from 10nm west of the BEN VOR to 60nm west of the BEN VOR

Frequencies: 24 MHz bands centred around 1227.60MHz and 1575.42MHz

Jamming aircraft altitude: 3500ft Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL)

Affected Areas: Interference prediction plots for a Civil GPS receiver at 165, 3000, 10000 and 30000 ft AMSL

It is recognised that this trial will have some effects on local operations but as always safety of life will take precedence over trials activities.  Therefore, in order to reduce these effects as much as possible, the following measures will be carried out:

  • The jamming will only be transmitted in a westerly direction away from the mainland.
  • Continuous jamming will be limited to 12 minutes maximum per run with 5 minutes minimum between runs.
  • Both Benbecula Air Traffic Control and Stornaway Coastguard will be informed each day as to whether jamming activity will be taking place and when exercises are complete for the day.

Ofcom stakeholders should contact InfoGPS.Notices@ofcom.org.uk

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