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About Us

Knowledge Transfer Network – Digital Systems

The Digital Systems KTN (DSKTN) brings together expertise in Scalable Computing, Location & Timing and Cyber Security to drive the development of a digitally-enabled Britain. Combined innovation in these technologies has the power to help the UK’s move to a fully digital society where data can be acquired and accessed, anytime and anywhere.  The Digital Systems KTN is the focal point for new ideas that create wealth in this new digital society; the events and networking activities are stimulating innovation between industry, government and academia.

Within the Digital Systems KTN there is a Position, Navigation and Timing priority area set up specifically for a network of organisations and individuals, who research, develop, operate and apply location and timing technologies. 

Membership of the Digital Systems KTN is free and gives access to the full range of information and discussion forums on KTN’s website. KTN run events, issue regular newsletters, alert you to funding opportunities and keep you engaged with your community. Click here to join.

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