BAPCO 2025

5-6 March 2025, Coventry Building Society Arena

Reduce hassle, save time and money, and protect the integrity of your GNSS signal with indoor GPS repeaters.  GPS repeaters bring GNSS signals into your fire & rescue facility. They mean that any GNSS signal – whether GPS, GLONASS, Galileo or BeiDou – can be kept live at all times, almost anywhere. Eliminate Time To First Fix (TTFF) for your appliance when it leaves the FRS and perform any testing or calibration that involves GPS satellite signals indoors work without leaving the fire station. Chronos provides unrivalled knowledge and experience in the supply and installation of GPS repeater technology for both civilian and military applications around the world.

Syntony’s ground-breaking SubWAVE products extend 100% GNSS coverage to underground areas such as tunnels, stations, parking, bus stations & airports, thus enabling localisation of any equipment or person.  Any standard GPS device such as an iPhone will now work inside the tunnel or station without the need to buy special receivers or phones.
 Our team will be available to discuss GPS repeaters and GPS underground technology. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

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