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Chronos welcomes Jesse Norman MP and Minister of State for Dept of Transport



Lydbrook, Gloucestershire, UK – 18 February 2019 Chronos Technology, a leading international authority on GNSS jamming detection and resilient sync and timing solutions, recently welcomed Jesse Norman MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire to Stowfield House.

Chronos’ business activity includes development of technology to detect interference and jamming to the GPS (SatNav) technology.  Managing Director and Founder of Chronos, Charles Curry, briefed Jesse Norman, who is also a Minister of State for the Department for Transport, on the impact that jamming could have on the development of autonomous vehicle technology, and also its use by the freight industry to defeat drivers’ hours legislation, and the potential threat with Brexit looming where the use of GPS jamming could facilitate smuggling at the borders.

GPS jamming is also used by criminals to steal high value cars; by commercial drivers to avoid their company’s fleet tracking systems; and young drivers to avoid higher insurance charges when they drive outside their low cost driving window.

The photograph shows Charles Curry and Jesse Norman in front of a rack of timing equipment in Charles’ lab which has evolved from various Innovate UK projects.