GNSS audit and analysis

GNSS electronics and installation infrastructures naturally degrade mechanically and physically over time leading to reduced performance, potentially hazardous conditions or non-compliance to Standards.  The local RF environment also affects system operation. 

GNSS installations and infrastructure should be regularly audited to check:

  • System performance
  • RF signal levels
  • Integrity of infrastructure, including:
  • Antenna(s)
  • Cabling and connectors
  • Lightning protection

Malfunctioning or misconfigured equipment or system components can cause local RF interference that will affect GNSS systems. Chronos equipment monitors local RF levels with specific focus on GNSS frequencies.

As GNSS equipment, especially repeater systems, employ RF frequencies, they are controlled by regulatory bodies such as Ofcom in the UK.  Chronos tests for compliance to relevant local or international regulations.

A Chronos GNSS audit report will deliver clear indications of the areas assessed, identify areas of vulnerability to enable risk analysis, and makes no-obligation recommendations for improvement.