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Microsemi was acquired by Microchip Technology Inc (Nasdaq: MCHP) in 2018.  The Frequency & Time Systems Business (formerly Microsemi FTD, and Symmetricom prior to that) is a strategic and integral part of Microchip’s corporate growth strategy in the communications, datacentre, aerospace and defence markets.

Continuing to innovate and deliver timing and synchronisation devices and precise time leading solutions, since the acquisition Microchip has launched several new products such as the MHM-2020 Hydrogen Maser, BlueSky GNSS Firewall, TimeProvider 4100 and several enhancements to TimePictra, SSU-2000, SyncServer and other products.

Throughout 2019 Microchip has been integrating Frequency & Time Systems into the Microchip core, leveraging its company wide strengths as they develop and support these products. Microchip remains committed to supporting its customers by delivering best in class products at competitive pricing with outstanding support and a strong leadership within the Frequency and Time Systems business unit and throughout the corporate structure.

Chronos is a value added reseller for Microchip in the UK, Denmark and Sweden.

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